• Combustion Probe

    "It’s wireless, smart, and incredibly simple to use."

Smiling person peering into oven with Combustion display in background

1. Predictions you can trust

8 sensors give you Total Temperature Awareness™ from the surface to the center of your food. Choose your target temp–the onboard Prediction Engine™ counts down the time to perfect doneness.

Roast chicken with the Combustion Predictive Thermometer and Display showing core temp, cooking to temp, and ready-in time. Also, lemons.

2. TrueCore™ never misses

It’s easy to miss the mark with other thermometers. 8 sensors means there is always one right at the coldest center of your food –the TrueCore™. No more surprises on the cutting board.

Diagram of temperature zones throughout a rib roast, showing how the Combustion Predictive Thermometer finds the core (65F), surface (168F), and ambient (291F) temps while cooking.

3. Your oven is flying blind!

Steam creates an invisible cloud around your food, cooling it a lot. How much? Your oven can’t tell. Our ambient and surface sensors let you take control and bring it in for a happy landing.

The Combustion app allows you to label your cook with a key image, shown here with a juicy rotisserie pork.

4. Edge-to-edge control

You eat more than just the center of a roast, shouldn't it all be juicy? Only our thermometer can measure how evenly your roast is roasting, for consistent results from edge-to-edge.

A pitmaster cooking up a mess of meats in a big drum smoker. Briscuits and more, all the BBQ goodies.

5. The precision of sous vide in your oven or smoker

With one-of-a-kind surface temp detection, you control the real temp your food feels. Get sous vide-like results coupled with the nice crispy exterior that only comes from direct heat.

Racks of ribs in a vertical pit smoker. You are getting very hungry.

6. Tame the BBQ stall

Like Sasquatch, the BBQ stall is surrounded by myth and lore. The truth is evaporation causes your barbecue to stall at the surface temperature. Measure it. Control it. Master it. Enjoy your meaty reward.

A rustic sourdough boule with the Combustion Predictive Thermometer and Display. You can use the CPT for bread baking.

7. Not just for meat!

Measuring temperatures in and around your breads, cakes, and custards as they cook is as game changing as weighing your ingredients. Yes, the Prediction Engine™ also works for baking.

Roast chicken with the Combustion Predictive Thermometer and Display showing core temp, cooking to temp, and ready-in time. Also, lemons.

8. Also does simple thermometer stuff

Sometimes you just need to poke something and quickly check its temperature. Ours is the only wireless leave-in thermometer that can also take fast and accurate instant reads.

What our customers say about their Predictive Thermometer

Robert M. Verified Buyer

★★★★★ Outstanding! My go to thermometer.
Very convenient, great range, super accurate. I use mine all the time

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