Combustion Thermometer and Display

Like a mind
reader, but
for steak.

Wireless, smart, and simple to use. Made to just work.

Chris Young

creator of Joule & co-author of Modernist Cuisine

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Incredibly simple to use

  • Set your target temperature and hit start. The Predictive Thermometer tells you exactly when your food will be done.

  • Never undercook

    8 sensors always find the food’s True Core™ by locating the lowest internal temp. You can’t miss!

  • Never overcook

    The onboard Prediction Engine™ calculates the required cooking time with uncanny accuracy.

  • Does the simple stuff, too

    Blazing-fast instant-read measurements and professional accuracy within 0.4ºF (0.2ºC).

  • Grill, smoker, oven, range

    And more. Works in most appliances, and withstands extreme temps up to 575ºF (300ºC).

  • Total Temperature Awareness™

    No other thermometer measures the real cooking temperature at the surface of the food. Controlling this unlocks sous vide-like results from your oven or smoker.

Wireless that just works

Connects in one second. No unreliable pairing, no sign-in, no flaky Wi-Fi. Do you trust Comcast with your roast? Neither do we.

Wander farther

With the optional mobile app, roam 300ft+ (90m+) from the display.

Oh, did we mention…

That it’s 40% thinner than other wireless thermometers? Or that it can cook for up to 30 hours on a quick 20 minute charge? Is it the best kitchen thermometer made? Is 🔥 hot?

  • And that’s all you need to know. Maybe.

    If not, learn more here, including all the specifications and FAQ.

30-day trial

2-year warranty

We’re confident that the Predictive Thermometer will become one of your trusted cooking tools. If you’re not absolutely in love after 30 days, send it back, no questions asked.

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Hello. We’re Combustion Inc.
We build nice things that make cooking enjoyable.

You don’t need much to prepare a great meal: A sharp knife (like actually sharp), a few good pans, and a modest assortment of other tools are enough. You should definitely have a good digital thermometer. And we think it should be smart enough to take the guesswork out of cooking. We made ours that way, so that your food will be just right, every time.