Owner's FAQ

Last updated: 02/06/2023

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Can I upgrade my firmware with someone else’s phone?

Yes. You can use almost any Android or iOS device (for instance, an iPad) to update the firmware. The entire process usually takes less than five minutes. 

You don’t need to create an account or enter any information. The phone is not permanently associated with your Thermometer or Display and your friend can uninstall the app afterwards.

Later, you can use a different device (as long as it has one of the Combustion apps) later -- if you want to -- to display cook data and interact with your Predictive Set.

Or to do another update. Whatever works. 

Is there a cheat sheet for display controls?

Yes! At the bottom of the start page.

What’s up with sous vide?

It’s always been our intention that the Predictive Thermometer would work in sous vide. We’ve had some issues with earlier models which necessitated design revisions, and we’re not completely sure if it’s 100% okay now. 

Part of it is the effect of vacuum-sealing; we need to test how resistant the main-seal of the thermometer is. If you vacuum-seal the thermometer and the seal shifts, it could allow meat juices into the electronics during cooking (not good). 

TLDR: we’re investigating now. We think it’s going to work fine, but we don’t have proof.

For now, we don’t recommend using your thermometer with vacuum sealing. Check back.

I have a different question?

Great! We're just getting started with this Owner's FAQ. We didn't have many owners until quite recently.

Ask away!


My Display turned RED and started beeping and flashing. Why?

Bad things can happen when you exceed safe operating temps. The "red alert" is a warning that your thermometer is in the danger zone. 


> 105ºC (sensors below the min line aka "pointy end")

> 300ºC (sensors above the min line aka "handle")

If you get a red alert:

1) Immediately remove food from heat

2) Check temps on Display - see if any reading (core, surface, ambient) is near or above the temp limits

3) Check insertion: is it at least to the min line? Was any of the lower part (below the min-line) visible (not inside the food)? 

If the lower sensors have exceeded safe operating temp, the electronics may have been damaged. If the thermometer is still broadcasting (the technical term is "advertising" temps) – if you're seeing temps on your display, it's probably ok. 

Follow these steps if one of the lower sensors detected an overheat:

  • Confirm that the thermometer is still connecting to the display (temps are showing/updating)
  • Look for any erratic changes or strange temp readings (that would indicate a damaged sensor)
  • If you can’t connect or see erratic temps, contact support 
  • Otherwise the thermometer should continue to work normally   

If the higher sensors (handle end) have exceeded safe operating temp, it's possible the high heat has damaged the main seal (inside the handle). Your thermometer will most likely still work properly, if you follow some extra precautions.

The risk is that the seal is compromised, which may allow fluid into the interior, which can eventually cause the internal electronics to short-circuit. 

Follow these precautions after a handle-overheat red alert:

  • Hand-wash only
  • Do not immerse/submerge the thermometer when cooking or washing 

Damage to the seal is cumulative. The first overheating incident may or may not damage it, but the more times it happens (and the longer it stays overheated), the more likely it is that water-resistance is compromised. Unfortunately there's no way to inspect the seals for their integrity.

Exceeding safe operating temperatures voids the warranty. If you have more questions, please contact support

Orders and Deliveries

What’s the most recent news?

Feb 6, 2023: iOS app has been updated (v. 1.1.0). Includes new background alerts and some quality-of-life improvements.

Feb 1, 2023: Full Android app release is expected soon (don't worry, we'll let you know).

Jan 25, 2023: all preorders (through Jan 15 2023) have shipped.

Dec 26, 2022: the Combustion Inc Updater app for Android is now available on Google Play.

Dec 23, 2022: the Combustion Inc iOS app is now available in the App Store.

[Find direct links on the Start page (click the banner at the top of the page) or search "combustion inc" on the App Store or Google Play.]

Has my order shipped?

If you ordered before Jan 16, 2023, then YES. If it's an international shipment, it may still be in transit. Check your tracking information (warning - it's not always as transparent as we would prefer).

If you ordered after Jan 15 2023, then maybe. Check your order confirmation email for the expected date of shipping. If it says "February 2023" then it will ship from our warehouse around Feb 20.

We order inventory about a month in advance and try to estimate how many orders we'll have then.

There are times when you can order and it ships out the same day. Most of the time, you'll wind up waiting for the next batch of inventory to arrive before we can ship it. That's usually a month (or less) away.

If you haven't received a happy little email* from us saying "shipped!" then your order has not yet left our warehouse.  

[*There’s some possibility it got filtered into the spam-box. Or we have the wrong email address (some customers have multiple email addresses in our system). The notification would go to whichever email you used when you placed your order. To update your email, write orders@combustion.inc (include your order number).]

Did I miss my shipping notification?

It's possible.

Check your spam folder (search "shipped" and "Combustion").

Think if we might have wrong email address on your order (some customers have multiple email addresses in our system).

The notification goes to whichever email you used when you placed your order.

To update your notification email address, write orders@combustion.inc (include your order number).

Anything I should know before it arrives?

Yes: you are due for an important firmware upgrade. 

Firmware is the software that is installed on the chips inside your Predictive Thermometer and also the Display.

In the time it took your set to go from the assembly line to your home, the firmware has been significantly improved. Our little software team has been busy!

The update is easy to do, but you’ll need the Combustion Inc. app to do it. The iOS app is now available as is the Android updater app. Go to the start page for download links.

Don’t worry, everything works straight out of the box. 

It’ll work even better once you update.

In this firmware update:

•Better battery life

•Faster instant-read time

•Several nasty bug fixes (see known firmware issues below)

•Fixes an issue which caused increased power consumption during low-and-slow cooking

The app is totally optional while cooking. But it unlocks an important feature of the Combustion Display: the Range Extender.

When using the display + app, you’ll be free to roam much further from where the cooking is happening.

Full details about firmware updates and app development– including upcoming features – are available on the release notes page.

I'm in Europe (UK and EU countries). When will it get here?

The UK and several  EU countries have been bogged down with labor shortages or strikes affecting the shipping industry, plus some really prickly customs agents.

Here's a rundown from our international shipping partner, if you're curious about what exactly is holding things up.

As with most of the world, it’s taking a minimum of 2 weeks to deliver to the EU, with longer delays for certain countries (up to 5 weeks in parts of Britain!).

How do I complain, and/or cancel?

We welcome all complaints and well-wishes at the same address: orders@combustion.inc. 

That address also works for cancellations. Obviously we don’t want any of you to cancel your order but if you do, we hope there are no hard feelings. 

Canceling an order before it ships from our warehouse will refund the entire purchase price (including shipping + taxes  and any DDP fees).

For cancellations or returns after it leaves our warehouse, we can’t refund shipping and DDP fees (because those can’t be recovered by Combustion).

Full returns policy here. 

Didn’t find the info you needed? Email us.

You may find answers on the main FAQ.

Please write us if you have a question or problem or would like to report an issue. (support@combustion.inc)

Your feedback is super-important, it’s a big part of how we find ways to improve the product. Thanks for taking the time, we really appreciate it.

Happy Cooking!