• Power up!

    Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. This Combustion Booster extends Bluetooth range and allows you to recharge your Predictive Thermometer even when you don’t have access to USB power.

    Perfect for smoking, grilling or other outdoor cooking - the Booster helps you overcome radio obstacles like thick-walled metal smokers and grills.

  • Charge your tools

    Charge the Booster (60 min). Use USB-C-to-USB-A (cable included).

    NOTE: Don’t insert the thermometer yet!

    ⚠️ Putting a thermometer into the Booster shuts the radio off! Removing it turns the radio on.

    ⚠️ NOTE: use standard 5v USB ports/power supplies only.

  • Update firmware

    • Download the Combustion Inc app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 
    • Unplug the Booster from the USB
    • Don’t insert a thermometer yet!
    • Tap the Combustion logo on the app
    • Tap update
    • Recharge the Booster after updating

    Note: please do not update more than one Booster (or other Combustion tool) at the same time. Leave the other ones powered off (or in standby) while you update. It doesn't take long!

    Power off the Booster by holding the button (1 sec).

  • Link your thermometer

    • Unplug the Booster from the USB
    • The light will flash white 3 times in a row to show it’s searching (this sequence repeats)
    • Hold a (fully charged) thermometer near the Booster 
    • A single white blink indicates the link has been established (it will blink every 5 seconds)
  • Illustration of proximity linking. Put all your Combustion tools (and your mobile device) close together and allow them to link.

    Link all tools (multi node MeatNet™)

    To share signals correctly, all of the Combustion Tools involved must be linked.

    Start by updating the firmware on all devices* (if you haven't yet).

    Then do this:

    • Put Thermometers in Boosters (this turns the Booster radio off) and turn off Display (hold start/stop)
    • Put all devices within a couple inches of each other
    • Remove Thermometers from Boosters and turn on Display, and set Thermometers in the pile of devices
    • Let all devices sit for 1-2 minutes
    • That's it! They're all linked together and will relay signals from all linked Thermometers
    • Each Booster can be linked to up to four Thermometers

    ⚠️ Yes, this works with multiple Boosters, with or without a Display.

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Booster Battery

Status Mode Battery
Unplugged, with CPT Always ready 181 days CPT batt. life
CPT full recharge Recharger Up to 10 recharges
Unplugged, active, linked CPT Repeater 72 hrs

Time to charge Booster

Charging 60 min

Booster lights

Booster lights and what they mean
Light What it means
Amber = Charging

If the Booster is plugged in to USB power, the amber light indicates the onboard battery is charging and/or the thermometer is charging. (With older firmware, the light may blink amber. If it does, please update your firmware.)

In portable charger mode, press the button (light). An amber light response indicates the thermometer is still charging.

The indicator will turn off after 5 seconds.

Green = Charged!

When plugged in, that means the Booster is charged and the Predictive Thermometer (if it's in there) is also fully charged.

In portable charger mode, press the button (light). A green light response indicates the thermometer is fully charged.

The indicator will turn off after 5 seconds.

Blinking White x3 = Searching

A repeated pattern of 3 white blinks indicates that the Booster is searching for linked tools within range.

It will only connect to Combustion tools that have been linked already.

Follow the linking steps above.

Single White Blink = Connected/Repeating

When the Booster is connected to a Predictive Thermometer (either directly or via another Booster/Display), it will repeat and rebroadcast the signal.

A single white blink indicates this connection is live! The blink will repeat every 5 seconds.

Quick Red Blink = Low Battery When the onboard battery is low, the Booster will repeat a very quick red blink. Time to recharge it!
Overlapping Patterns?

It's possible that more than one light pattern will be triggered at a time.

For instance, a Booster which is recharging itself (blinking amber) may also be repeating (single white blink).

If you see a confusing light pattern, it's most likely two simple patterns that are overlapping.

  • Diagram of how the CPT and Booster interact. Removing the CPT turns it on. Inserting the CPT into the Booster activates charge mode. Hold the button on the Booster to turn it off.

    Booster Modes

    Range-extending mode (MeatNet™)

    The Booster works with other MeatNet™-enabled tools to seamlessly extend the range of your CPT. Each Booster or Display automatically repeats signals from other linked Combustion tools.

    • Place a Booster near the Predictive Thermometer you want to boost to get a strong first hop.
    • Use that to relay the signal to (and from) the Display or App where you are monitoring + controlling your cook.
    • Or use the Display as the second "node" to re-boost the signal to the app.
    • Each node creates a new broadcast location with an unobstructed signal strength of about 330ft (100m).

    Charger mode

    Cradling a thermometer turns the Booster radio off. The Booster will spend its battery to recharge the CPT. 

    • When the Booster is not plugged in, press the button to determine the charge of the CPT. 
    • When the CPT is absent, press the button to determine the charge of the Booster itself. 
    • Placing a thermometer in the Booster will activate charger mode. 

    Sleep mode

    If a Booster can’t find a connection, it will stop searching after 2 minutes to conserve battery. Press the button to wake it up.