Setup Guide: Range-Extending Display

Meet the Combustion Display.

It keeps your phone safe from sauce, droppage, and buttery fingerprints. Its bold, easy-to-read screen shows core, surface, and ambient temps. Set your target temp and the Display counts down the time to perfect doneness. It also acts as a repeater, so you can use the app from another room, possibly while recumbent. The Combustion Display can manage up to 4 CPTs at once. And it’s ruggedly cute. So they say. 

Before you start cooking, get your Display set up properly and ready to rumble.

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  • Charge your tools

    Charge the Display (90 min). Use USB-C-to-USB-A (cable included). 

    The low battery indicator will flash until the Display is fully charged.

  • Update firmware

    • Download the "Combustion Inc" app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 
    • Open the settings menu inside the app by tapping the Combustion logo then tap "update.” 
    • Recharge your Display after the update (10 min).
  • Link Display

    • Turn on the Display by pressing the Start/Stop button
    • Turn on CPT by removing it from the charger
    • Place CPT next to the display for a few seconds
    • When a temperature appears on-screen, that means they’re linked
    • With multiple CPTs, repeat these steps
    • Each Display can be linked to up to 4 CPTs
  • Basic Display functions

    Temp mode

    While in “cook mode” press the temp button to toggle the featured temp.

    Core: lowest internal temp

    Surface: the real cooking temp

    Ambient: temp at near the food

    With multiple thermometers, pressing temp will toggle through each of these in order for each CPT

    Predictive cooking mode

    Press + or - to set your target temp

    Press “start” 

    Apply heat to food

    Prediction will appear shortly (usually about 33% through the cook)

    Timer mode

    Press “time”

    Add minutes/seconds (+ and - buttons)

    Press start to begin countdown


  • Display glyphs