• Meet the Combustion Display.

    It keeps your phone safe from sauce, droppage, and buttery fingerprints. Its bold, easy-to-read screen shows core, surface, and ambient temps.

    Set your target temp and the Display counts down the time to perfect doneness. It also acts as a repeater, so you can use the app from another room, possibly while recumbent.

    The Combustion Display can manage up to 4 CPTs at once. And it’s ruggedly cute. So they say. 

    Before you start cooking, get your Display set up properly and ready to rumble.

  • Charge your tools

    Charge the Display (90 min). Use USB-C-to-USB-A (cable included). 

    The low battery indicator will flash until the Display is fully charged.

    NOTE: use standard 5v USB ports/power supplies only.

  • Update firmware

    • Download the "Combustion Inc" app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 
    • Open the settings menu inside the app by tapping the Combustion logo then tap "update.” 
    • Recharge your Display after the update (10 min).

    Note: please do not update more than one Display (or other Combustion tool) at the same time. Leave the other ones powered off (or in standby) while you update. It doesn't take long!

  • Link Display

    • Turn on the Display by pressing the Start/Stop button
    • Turn on CPT by removing it from the charger
    • Place CPT next to the display for a few seconds
    • When a temperature appears on-screen, that means they’re linked
    • With multiple CPTs, repeat these steps
    • Each Display can be linked to up to 4 CPTs

    To Link Booster(s) to Display + CPT (multinode MeatNet™) follow steps in the Booster set-up guide

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Display commands

start stop   Power on
hold Power off
hold + m – Reboot Display
time   Timer mode
m –
Add minutes
s + Add seconds
m –s + Clear timer
start stop Start countdown/up
temp   Temperature mode
m –s + Set target temp
m – + s + Clear target temp
temp + light   Toggle °F, °C
light   Backlight on
hold Adjust backlight brightness
+ m – Starts cycling backlight color options.
Press any key to select a color.
hold light + start stop Factory reset

Display Legend

Battery Display battery low
Thermometer Thermometer connected
Warning Thermometer battery low

+ blinking alert icon with red backlight and urgent beeping

Thermometer over max temp limit!

Display Battery




Display (off) (storage)


4 mo.

Display (on/repeating) (light off)


1 mo.

Display (on) (light on)


Light turns off after 5 min

  • Thermometer temperature: core, surface, ambient; up to 4 thermometers simultaneously; timer; bluetooth 5.4 long range: PHY coded support, obstructed: ≥50 feet, unobstructed: 330 feet+; backlit LCD: 2.8 in; USB-C rechargeable battery, cooks for weeks between charges; dimensions: 3.1 × 3.1 × 0.7 in; advanced doneness prediction algorithm